IC FACTORY is a new generation of lash procedures by INNOVATOR COSMETICS, the global industry leader.

It is not just another new brand. IC FACTORY is a new philosophy and a new approach that opens up unlimited opportunities for growth.

The result of the three-year work of the technologists, chemists, and analysts is two innovative lines for lash lamination: ONE STEP LAMINATION and LASH LAMINATION.
Innovative materials for eyelash and eyebrow tinting BRONSUN
Cream and gel dye BRONSUN: expressive and intense tinting with signature longevity – up to 7 days on skin and up to 7 weeks on hairs.
Cream dye BRONSUN is a unique development of the brand! Extremely handy consistency, soft formula with care complex, intense yet velvety tinting without overshading, and 7 vibrant colors that offer endless variety of mixes! Gel dye BRONSUN is an absolute bestseller in the lash&brow industry! The first gel dye with henna effect for bright tinting on hairs and skin, and the wide shade palette!
Find all necessary products for finishing the tinting procedure in BRONSUN care line. Now in the updated futuristic design!
for eyelashes and eyebrows
Under MAYAMY® premium brand we produce eyelash extension products, eyebrow henna in capsules, and other innovative items. All materials and products are created taking into account European quality standards and wishes of specialists and fans of lash & brow procedures. A wide range of products meets the most acute needs of industry professionals. MAYAMY® materials are certified according to international standards.
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